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Commercial sex workers in Eritrea


'Keep your promise' is the header of a safe sex advertisement of the Eritrean Health Authorities shown on billboards throughout Eritrea. Despite a socially conservative tradition, Eritrea has broken social taboos concerning discussing sexual activities and made HIV/AIDS prevention a priority topic.


Billboard promoting safe sex in Eritrea - Assab Eritrea.

'Keep your promise' Assab Eritrea. Source:

Condoms are now placed in dresser drawers in most hotel rooms in Eritrea and the government has placed billboards prominently throughout the countryside promoting condom use.

Although the level of HIV infectivity is low in Eritrea (0.8% in 2009 as compared to 2.0% for Ethiopia and 17,8% for South Africa), it is higher within the group of commercial sex workers (up to  20%). Although prostitutions is not a respected profession in Eritrea, the Eritrean commercial sex workers are generally trained to use condoms and have a regular check-ups (the tests are free and the results confidential).

Make sure you are equipped with reliable condoms (ask for abu selama) if you plan to have high risk sex adventures


Billboard promoting safe sex in Eritrea - Adi Keih Eritrea.

'Use condoms before every sexual intercourse' Adi Keih Eritrea. Source:

Many of the girls operate from bars and dancings in the Asmara Expo Grounds. Night clubs and trendy bars are another option for hot nights. In the Massawa port district the women may attract your attention with a more direct invitation "Hello, do you want to fuck?"



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