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  Governors Palace, Asmara Eritrea
Governors Palace, Asmara Eritrea

Dahlak Islands, Eritrea's Coral frontier
Dahlak Islands, Eritrea's coral frontier



Before the advent of the Italians at the end of the 19th century, the history of Eritrea is characterized by the domination of various powers, such as the Turks and Egyptians. From 1557, the Massawa coastal area was under the rule of the Ottomans until the Egyptians took possession in 1865. The Italians took it in 1889 when they formally declared Eritrea as their colony. The Italian rule lasted till 1941.

Then the British at the onset of World War II ousted them. Eritrea was placed under British military administration until 1952 when Eritrea was federated with Ethiopia (1952-1962) and was finally annexed as a province of Ethiopia. The unpopular Federation and subsequent annexation of Eritrea with Ethiopia led to an armed struggle for liberation which began in September 1961 and would last more then 30 years, until Eritrea was finally liberated in May 24th 1991.

Eritrea offers an untamed landscape of astonishing diversity, an interior rich in historical remains, a coastal gateway to some outstanding diving spots, and a broad, hospitable welcome. Eritrea will prove irresistible to those seeking adventure.


  Traditional coffee ceremony
Traditional Eritrean coffee ceremony
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  Catholic Cathedral, Asmara Eritrea
Catholic Cathedral, Asmara Eritrea

Asmara (Asmera), Eritrea's capital is situated on the eastern edge of Eritrea's highland plateau. Asmara enjoys a great climate, clean and picturesque streets, attractive palm trees, and a reputation as one of the safest, calm and alluring capital cities in Africa. The name Asmara is derived from Arbaete Asmara which literally means, in the Tigrinya language, "the four (villages) are united".

  Turkish architecture Massawa Eritrea
Turkish architecture Massawa Eritrea

The main port serving Eritrea, Massawa (Massaua) became an urban center in ancient times. Massawa is the largest natural deep water port on the Red Sea. Massawa is divided into three parts: Batse, Tualud, and the mainland. The island Batse comprises the ancient historical center with interesting houses, hotels, squares and religious buildings. and is a marvelous place to wander about.

  Mosque, Nacfa Eritrea
Mosque, Nacfa Eritrea

Nacfa (Nakfa) the major town in the Sahel region of Eritrea, holds a special significance for the Eritrean people, being the home of the EPLF during their struggle for independence from Ethiopia. Nacfa is therefore the heart of collective Eritrean self-determination. The Eritrean currency, Nakfa, is named after this town. 

  Traditional dwellings, Keren Eritrea
Traditional dwellings, Keren Eritrea

The mountain city Keren (Cheren), which means "highland" is one of the five major secondary towns in Eritrea. Keren is one of the major agricultural centers of Eritrea, particularly for fruits and vegetables. In addition its dairy herds supply fresh milk, butter and the cheese factory produces provolone and other cheeses. 

  Grande mosque, Agordat Eritrea
Grande mosque, Agordat Eritrea

Agordat (Akordat) is located between the Barka river and the Gash river. The area is famous for its banana plantations. The Akat trees or Doum Palms seen along the Barka River are known for their fruit. The Agordat mosque, the second largest in Eritrea was build by Haile Selassie in 1963.

  Coptic Church, Mendefera Eritrea
Coptic Church, Mendefera Eritrea


Mendefera is also known as Adi Ugri. It is a bustling market town. The name derives from the high hill in the center of the city and is a source of pride to the people of Eritrea. Mendefera means "no one dared" and is a reminder of the fierce resistance put up by the local people to the Italian colonialism.


Congratulations Eritrea - May 24th 2017 - 26 years independence
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Congratulations Eritrea
May 24th 2018
27 years independence

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